Our Symbol and name of our club "Santoboxing" are connected with the history of our island Santorini .

    Thanks to the excavations at Akrotiri in 1967 we now have representative samples that constitute great source of information about the civilization and daily activities of our prehistoric inhabitants dating back to 1650 BC. 

    Stone and wood carving, metallurgy, basketry, pottery, painting and frescoes like the fisherman, spring, swallows, dolphins etc. The young fighters engaged in boxing is  a sample of our young ancestors' pastime and their love for fighting sports.

    A symbolic element for  coaches of our time is that they wore colored gloves (to distinguish the opponents) and coloured  belts (to specify the levels)..

    The most important thing though is that they are wearing only one protective glove on their right hand.The left athlete's body type and the jewels worn on the neck,arm and leg define feminine gender.                                                                                                                        

     So analyzing the messages of the artist we conclude that it must have been a mixed boxing sport with female participation. Unprecented Historical samples!

      It would be daring to beleive that the artist painted what he saw, the representation of such a difficult issue in sports regulation, with a boxing glove in one hand and the other to handle submission.  

Surely this is a scientific issue and we would be happy to host in our website views and opinions of specialists, historians, archaeologists, psycologists etc. as well as the presentation on lectures about our Boxers wall painting,our symbol and our Historical heritage.




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