Our association consists of people who love our island Santorini and fighting sports. We are an Official and non-profit cultural association. In our three years of existence we have not been after big fancy titles, winning competitions etc.

Investing in learning ,our athletes, coaches, referees and sport officials have traveled to many countries and attended seminars internationally, gaining experience at different cultures and styles of martial arts, studying the details of all fighting sports.

Our aim is to attract more young people in sports, to highlight the paternal heritage that stems from our symbol of the young boxers wall painting that dates around 1650 BC, revealed during excavations on the island. Studying the fighting position and technique as shown by the ancient artist we were able to adapt the regulations of the submissive standup fight and fit them in contemporary fighting. To this end, we have established the Federation “SANTOBOXING” and we are building our website to open the door of communication to all those who love sports and to the fighters who will come to our island and want to combine relaxing vacations , training and also to exchange views and suggestions on proposals regarding the organization of international matches in our friendly island.

Welcome to our athletic family!

Special Offer for all our members!
We offer a FREE BED to all our members that will attend a 75 minute daily group training course of Cross fit- Muay Thai, Santoboxing in a special price of 29Euro!
August is a month where rooms are hard to find in Santorini. We have created special guest rooms for our members in our gym. We do not provide hotel facilities, but can give you an accommodation option if you want to explore the island, train and enjoy Santorini at a low cost.
The rooms are available from 20:00 - 8:00 (for 12 Hours).
For further information or bookings, please send us an inbox message or send us an email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Check out our website! www.santoboxing.com 







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